Born out of a defunct dry cleaning operation called “Good Luck” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the location was secretly converted into a two-story, speakeasy art gallery and cultural hub for creatives.  Aware of the fact that the art world is viewed by many as being pretentious and intimidating, Good Luck Dry Cleaners aims to disrupt that model by instead focusing on the personal connection to art and creating an exciting and approachable experience for people in an “exclusive yet inclusive” atmosphere.

In less than six months since its inception, Good Luck Dry Cleaners went from opening their first underground by appointment only venue, to building out a new GLDC in the basement of the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue flagship for New York Fashion Week while simultaneously overseeing the art direction and creative strategy for nearly two dozen fashion campaigns including Prada, Fendi, CELINE, The Row, Sacai, Akris, Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani among many others. After holding seven private events over the course of nine days during NYFW, Good Luck Dry Cleaners then unveiled their designs for the world-renowned Saks Fifth Avenue windows, which they executed in less than twenty-four hours.

Known for routinely popping up unannounced in secret locations and celebrated as a true lifestyle brand dedicated to pushing culture forward, the Good Luck Dry Cleaners vision has quickly been embraced by some of the world’s most prestigious artists, entertainers, models, luxury brands, fashion houses, real estate developers, interior designers, art consultants, and private collectors.